Come Home to Jackson Falls

Stories of Love, Life, and Family


Somewhere in the hills of Western Maine lies the fictional town of Jackson Falls, home of the Bradley-Lindstrom-MacKenzie clan. Here, you'll find tales of love, life, rock and roll, and growing into the person you were meant to be.  Peopled with realistic and charismatic characters, these stories speak to the heart but aren't afraid to tackle the sometimes gritty realities of life. Come home to Jackson Falls. You won't regret the trip!

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Rock guitarist Tony DeAngelo, running from the aftermath of a tragedy that tore his family apart, has come to the small Maine town of Jackson Falls to record an album—and to find himself. Instead, he finds Annabel Atkins.


Artist Annabel has poured all her passion into her paintings, leaving no room in her heart for any man. Especially one who won’t be sticking around. Annabel’s roots are buried deep in the rocky Maine soil, and once the album is finished, Tony will return to his world of road tours, award shows, and gorgeous women. Getting involved with him will almost certainly lead to a broken heart.


But the heart wants what it wants, and when a family emergency calls Tony home to Boston to face his demons, he and Annabel must both decide whether what they feel for each other is worth fighting for.

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