"The characters are so well defined and the story so powerful, I felt I was in the background living it with them all." 


 -- Amazon review for Coming Home

"This was an absolute joy to read. Beautifully written, wonderfully deep and complex characters and a heart wrenching story based around the glamorous and not so glamorous lives of musicians."

-- Amazon review for Coming Home

"I love all the Jackson Falls books. I've read each one several times. I love the characters, the family, the setting and the music! I admire their wholesome values. Catchy dialog and good grammar in every book! Each time I read one of Laurie's books, I fear it is the last and that would be so sad."

-- Amazon review for What I Never Knew

"It was an epic love story, and has probably ruined me on most chick lit/romance novels forever."

-- Amazon review for Days Like This

"Characters so rich that I've been in love with them from the very first book...they will stay with you for a long time....You will laugh, cry and love all of them. Not the typical contemporary romance book. So much more."

-- Amazon review for The Miles Between Us

"Once again Laurie Breton has left me unable to put a book down until it is her heart!"

-- Amazon review for Face the Music